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Ecover Ocean Plastic Project

Our Ocean Plastic Bottle is Back to Clean Dishes and The Ocean

ocean plastic 2015

Our Ocean Plastic Bottle is back and this year we’ve gone one step further in our ambition to help rid the oceans of plastic.

We’ve been fishing for plastic in Amsterdam canals with our friends at Plastic Whale and collecting it before it can reach the North Sea.

Ocean plastic is a growing challenge we all need to get behind solving. Several millions tonnes of plastic make their way into oceans every year damaging marine populations. It is estimated that by 2025, a staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic will be polluting the ocean unless action is taken. (1) 

Not only does the reduction of plastic waste in the ocean make for healthier, happier fish and sea mammals, it also has a direct impact on people’s health as it would ultimately reduce the levels of microplastics in food, drink and other products. (2)

At Ecover we want to be a catalyst for cleaner oceans by raising awareness of the plastic endangering them. It’s all part of our belief that it’s not about our packaging just being less bad – it can be positively better for the world.

Earlier this year, Ecover and Plastic Whale launched a boat made out of 10,000 recycled plastic bottles found in canals in Amsterdam. Since then they have taken out volunteers for plastic fishing trips to collect enough plastic to create over 70,000 bottles to be sold across Europe. 

The limited edition bottle has 10% ocean plastic (with the rest coming from recycled sources). We’ve quadrupled the amount of plastic we’re using compared to last year.

The striking bottle design is inspired by nature as we believe that’s the best inspiration for our products and the delicate fragrance of sea lavender and eucalyptus will bring the scent of the sea into your home.

Our Ocean Plastic bottle is now available exclusively in Waitrose. Hurry to buy one while stock lasts!

1 2

To learn more about the Ecover Ocean Plastic Project, see our film below or watch it here.

Photo: Andy Hughes - read about why he got involved.